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A few words about me...


I found my way to this work by following the breadcrumbs of my life, like we all do. I did some wonderful, interesting things along the way - hung out with college students in Spain as a staff person of a non profit. Got my degree in psychotherapy and studied and studied and travelled and travelled into the endlessly wondrous human soul. I birthed two gorgeous kids. I also got sick for a long decade plus, struggled with depression and meaninglessness, lost my childhood faith. Healing in the form of whispers from my intuition and the strange and mysterious showed up quietly and gently along the way, reconnecting my spirit to what's Greater and then filling in the center of my work.

The particulars of any of our stories are so intriguing to me. Those elements are where we are embedded in the very personal nature of our lives. We also live embedded in a collective. Whether we like it or not, understand it or not, tune into it or not, we are all mixed up integrally with each other. This is also really intriguing to me. There is a big picture unfolding before our very eyes these days, a giant project Mother Earth has going on. Things are changing and falling apart and moving Somewhere New. All of this is a part of how I see and understand healing. It’s us and it’s All of Us trying to become. I’m so glad we can do this together.

Work with me

Work with Me

Intuitive sessions

I clairvoyantly view your energy system and your body to see what information - answers, stuckness, wisdom, feelings, stories, insights, needs, memories - is held there. Healing comes through this recognition. Often your body and energy system know immediately what to do with what has been seen. I always assist with energy healing to help repair, balance and expand.

Intuitive sessions are 15 - 45 minutes long and can be live by video or phone, or they can be recorded and sent to your email.




My preferred way of working is regular and on-going for a season. If this is of interest, email me and we'll sort out all things fee and scheduling.

Recorded readings

These 20 minute recorded readings are sent to you by email or by Whatsapp. These readings are $50 and can always focus in on whatever topic or question feels most important. I also offer a suggested focus, changing each month. This reading answers these questions - 

What’s my next step in growing my relational skill?

Where should I focus?

Substack subscriptions

Over at, I share my writing about all things intuitive, cultural critiques, dreams about where we might be going, forecasting about collective energies, and a monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) chance to ask me a question about anything at all and receive a short reading. Access to all of this is available through paid subscriptions, starting at $5/month. 

Who works with me?


Examples of people I work with:

  • Anyone looking for insights (medical intuition) about their health and physical healing.

  • ​Parents needing support with children who are struggling with existential or intuitive experiences.

  • Those who have been to years of therapy or other healing modalities and are ready for another approach.

  • People who feel blocked spiritually or are wanting to expand their intuition or spiritual connection.

  • Anyone who is hearing something about their work or their life purpose whispering to them.

  • Those who are at a crossroads or have a burning question and want some insight.

This list is of course not exhaustive. 


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