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Let's grow together

Is this happening for you? Over the last year, increasingly, I’m starting to hear everyone talking about finding some land to buy and moving there with their friends. Sounds amazing right? 


There’s something on the move about being together, really close in together, in groups. (Not commune close. Like maybe next door neighbor close. ☺️)


It makes all the sense in the world to me. When the anticapitalists start pointing out how isolated we all are and lonely and wanting more connection (also burned out and exhausted from the rat race), if we didn’t know it before, we discover it pretty quickly - our own loneliness and exhaustion rise up and say oh my god yes. I feel this. I want another way. 


I’m feeling this about healing work. I’ve been doing one-on-one client work for almost two decades. I love that work, it’s powerful, it’s fulfilling. I’ll keep going with it. There’s also something that’s feeling.... Maybe a little too much like how we’re doing everything else - privately, individually, and only tapped into the resources of the two people sitting there together. That can be a lot of resource! But I think there’s more for us to access with each other.


I’ve created a small group healing approach where we bring that individual work out of the private office and into a space where we access a few more hearts and minds and bodies and spirits. Where we gather to work together on what you’re working on. Whatever it is across the whole wide gamut of possible things you’re working on. And where you also get to join in on what someone else is working on. I gotta tell ya', this joining in is kind of the best.


Here’s what it looks like:

⟳   Groups of four + me.

⟳   Six meetings over seven weeks. Three weeks on, one off, three on. (Or so, scheduling is negotiable.)

⟳   Hour and a half meetings, nine hour commitment.

⟳   What we’ll do - Everyone will bring a growth project they’re working on. Maybe it’s trauma work, maybe it’s business building, maybe it’s relational, maybe it’s health, maybe it’s growth edges of any kind. Anything at all. 

⟳   Each meeting, everyone takes a turn, shares whatever they want, receives group care and engagement and a reading from me about ongoing next steps as well as energy healing.

⟳   An additional short reading will be offered in between each meeting.

⟳   We will have a Whatsapp group chat for support between meetings. This could be ongoing after the group ends if people want.

⟳   Price is a range from $400-800 with options of payment plans up to six months. 

⟳   Meetings will not be recorded. This is a live experience we’re creating together every time we meet, not content to take in later. Of course sometimes we have to miss! The group chat will be a great place to catch up on what happened and I’m happy to share with you the reading that would have happened in the meeting.


Groups will begin in January and I’ll have rolling start times. Whenever there are four people ready to go, we’ll jump in. I’m happy to (intuitively of course) pull these groups of four together, or if you know several people in your world you’d love to do this with, gather them up and we’ll do this. 


Now, maybe you’re like me in that you love efficiency, you love going deep with your things, you have somewhere you want to get to with whatever you’re working on. The group can sound slower. The group can sound like you getting less time than you might think you need. The group can sound expensive for the amount of time you’re getting for your project. 


I want to invite you to imagine with me another take on all that. To imagine I’m about to receive gifts I didn’t know to look for that I needed, maybe even more than anything I thought I needed. To imagine that there are elements of healing waiting in the collective that we will never experience in individual work. That moving slower and having less personal air time opens up space for other things to come forward that are powerful, maybe even essential, maybe even the most important. 


I’d love to hear from you. If you know you're ready to jump in, or if you have questions and want to chat a bit first, email me at

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